You Line Your Kitchen Trash Can… Why Not Line Your Pooper Scooper?

It is time to think differently when scooping dog poop…with a liner!

A good trash can liner keeps all the gross nastiness created by garbage in one place and makes your life easier on trash day.  You just replace the old bag liner with a new bag liner and you are done. The liner just helped you achieve the ultimate goal of making your dirty trash experience much “cleaner“.


So if your kitchen trash is nasty and gets a liner, doesn’t it make more sense to use a liner when picking up your dog’s nasty poop? ABSOLUTLEY!

Now you can when using the Bag Scooper…the best, cleanest dog pooper scooper on the market.


Bag Scooper was designed with the same ultimate goal, to make picking up dog poop clean, easy and gagging free.  Check out our quick informative video and find out why we believe Bag Scooper is the best pooper scooper on the market today.

Buy Your Bag Scooper Today!

Our personal kitchen trash can preference is simplehuman® and their custom fitted liners. Using a nicely fitted liner rather than a sloppy, oversized liner is the way to go! Same goes for the pooper scooper – Bag Scooper with its nicely fitted bag is the way to go!