William SHATner, The “Expert” Dog Poop Scooper

William SHATner is a renowned dog lover and Doberman Pinscher enthusiast.

William Shatner Bag Scooper The Best Pooper Scooper

Shatner has owned several Dobie’s throughout the years and currently has 4 full-sized dogs at his home. He has won Golden Globes, Emmy’s Awards and of course portrayed the legendary Captain Kirk in Star Trek but according to his wife, one of his best unknown talents is…

“How well he picks up dog poop”

In this interview on Oprah.com, the Shatner’s discuss his amazing poop scooping skills…

We aren’t quite sure what scooper Mr. SHATner is using but we at Bag Scooper are now on a mission to deliver to Shatner the “Best Pooper Scooper” on the market today.  We promise the revolutionary pooper scooper will take his scooping skills to “Where No Man Has Gone Before“.

William Shatner Pooper Scooper Bag Scooper