Volunteer Rescue Dog Walking – More Rewarding Than you Think!

Why is Bag Scooper the best pooper scooper on the market??? Because the owners do what they can to help dogs in need.

As an official volunteer at (WGSR) Westside German Shepherd Rescue (Downtown Los Angeles), we are able to visit the rescue and walk any of their dogs that need walking. Imagine if you were stuck in a 10 foot runner for days?! I would go bonkers!! WGSR staff do what they can to walk dogs but 60+ dogs out-number the staff. This is why the more dog walking volunteers visit, the more outdoor time the dogs get. Become a Volunteer and make a difference!


We invited our brother/sister in law to support the cause during the Holidays. Not only did the dogs get to enjoy the outdoors and our companionship, we as humans felt a huge sense of gratification making a difference in six (6) German Shepherd’s lives today!


15 minute walks is all it takes. We were there two hours and still had our entire Saturday ahead of us.

Weekends happen to be adoption day! People were meeting their soon-to-be family members.


For every Bag Scooper and/or Bag Refill Pack sold, proceeds go to helping dogs in need.