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The ultimate scooper – designed by dog owners for dog owners

As a dog owner, we know what works for us and what doesn’t work. When speaking with other dog owner friends, it became unanimous that we all had the same frustration. Other than our dogs not being automatically trained for every scenario, the number one frustration was picking up the dog poop in a clean and easy manner.

We understand that one design will not meet every dog owner’s expectations BUT we came pretty darn close! Continue reading to see how many of our design details satisfy your pooper scooper wish list. We are confident that once you try it, you will agree that the Bag Scooper is the best pooper scooper you can buy.

Ergonomic Handle

Angled perpendicular to the pole. Offers a comfortable palm alignment where your hand naturally falls when standing (thumb forward)

The grooves make it lightweight and prevents your hand from slipping

The handle is centered over the scooper bucket offering even weight distribution as scooper fills

Built-in 3 prong teeth easily holds the rake

O-Cinch Ring

Our O-Cinch Ring offers a snug bag fit, secures the bag in place, and allows for a simple bag release – three important details you will appreciate.

The snug bag fit is key to control the proper part of the bag coming in contact with the poop.

The simple bag release is key to reduce the fuss you have removing the poop-filled bag. Our long bag handles keep your hands far away from the poop.

Applying the bag is simple: Punch bag inside of scooper bucket, Poke bag through the O-Cinch Ring and pull until bag is snug around the bucket rim.

Our Better Bag


Bag Scooper comes with 50 count “No Gagging While Bagging®” long handled bags. Other scoopers come with 5-10 bags at the most (if any)!

Bag Size = Larger than single-use dog waste bags but smaller than standard grocery plastic bags.

Easy-Tie long handles keeps hands away from waste.

Holds 15-20 medium size dog poops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is NOT required to use our custom bag. Most standard grocery handled bag or small trash liner will work with the Bag Scooper. It just won’t fit as snug as our custom bag.

Adjustable Height

The Scooper and Rake Poles are Adjustable to heights  27″, 29″, and 33 inches.

The adjustability reduces the amount of bending over required. Really helpful for kids and taller people.

Easy to disassemble for road trips. Not available on any other pooper scooper.

Find the right length for yourself or the designated scooping person and you are set! No need to change heights again.

Built-in 3-Prong Attachment

Keeping tools as a set is important which is why we incorporated the 3-prong rake attachment into the design of the handle. Most attachments on other products are not permanent making them easy to lose.

Connecting the rake handle to the Bag Scooper is recommended when:

  1. The Bag Scooper will be stored on grass or uneven ground. The connected rake will serve as an added stability leg keeping the Bag Scooper in the upright position.
  2. You want to make sure the rake remains upright and is easy to grab. No bending down to pick up a fallen rake.

Proudly Made in the USA

We hope this matters to you because it does to us!

Every part that makes up the Bag Scooper (including our bags) is made in the USA.

We considered manufacturing out of the country but would have left us with little to no control of quality, availability, and your safety of what our parts were being made out of.

The quality local vendors we have partnered with confirms staying USA made was the right decision!

Stay tuned America! We are working on other product ideas and accessories…Bag Scooper has only just begun!