The Creators of the Best Pooper Scooper on the Market

Dogs rule! We are excited you found the Bag Scooper!

Meet the creators of the Bag Scooper – Lori and Jorge Endara


Owning dogs all our lives, we enjoy the fun they bring and have grown accustomed to the responsibilities that may not be so fun.

Meet our two girls who inspired the Bag Scooper – Beauty (6 year old Adopted Collie/Shepherd Mix and Cali (6 year old Rottweiler)


Picking up dog poop is one task that no one wants to do, but, as a dog owner, it is part of the deal. For years, we tried available products and/or methods to make it easy to keep our yards clean. The traditional pooper scoopers work but they are not addressing today’s needs to be clean and efficient.

The Bag Scooper makes picking up after your dog at home quick and easy with little to no mess. Scoop the poop straight into the custom fit bag, tie in a knot, done! With an ergonomic design, it picks up for multiple dogs in ONE trip (front AND backyard), and it STAYS CLEAN, it is a game changer for dog owners!

Additionally, proceeds from every Bag Scooper and Bag Refill Package sold is donated to help a dog(s) in need. We are teaming up with animal shelters, dog adoption agencies, dog trainers, and veterinarians to offer the types of services that lack the most in keeping dogs alive, healthy and in loving homes. Visit our Charity blog  to see how the sales of the Bag Scooper and Bag Refill Packs have helped dogs.

We are confident you will appreciate the Bag Scooper. The more Bag Scooper products sold, the more we all can help dogs in need.

Here’s to clean hands, a clean pooper scooper, and a clean trash bin!

Bag Scooper Team

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