The Best Pooper Scooper (Fake Poop) Video Demonstration

A pooper scooper for $43.99?  Really?

Yes!!! Watch our video and find out why Bag Scooper is by far the Best Pooper Scooper on the market today!!!

Every aspect of scooping has been addressed with the invention of Bag Scooper.

  • Large Scoop designed for picking up dog waste around the ENTIRE yard with ONE trip
  • Bag Scooper works perfectly with any standard grocery plastic handled bag! It just won’t be as good of a fit
  • Adjustable height for Rake & Scooper – 27 inches to 33 inches. Just press tab in, slide pole up/down until tab locks into desired hole.
  • “O-Cinch” ring offers a snug bag fit and easy bag release
  • Drain holes avoids water build up if kept outside. Weather resistant
  • MADE IN U.S.A.
  • Made of very durable ABS plastic. Picks up from all surfaces

Best Pooper Scooper

Ergonomic Design:

  • Lightweight (only 1.25 lbs) and ergonomically designed – Less stress on shoulder and wrist
  • Handle centered over scooper offering even weight distribution as scooper fills
  • Handle grip position fits naturally in hand. Easier to hold than traditional scoopers with straight pole grip
  • Built-in rake attachment for easy storage

Since it’s release, we have received an amazing amount of positive feedback.  Enough feedback for us to ensure that not only will you love your Bag Scooper but it will also be the last Pooper Scooper you ever purchase.