Helping Dog Lovers with Perfect Poop Picking Solution

Does picking up your dog’s poop make you feel yucky? Want the best dog poop waste disposal solution while keeping your hands far away from the poop? Look no further!

We at Bag Scooper can help you clean your dog waste with our top-of-the-line product, dog waste scooper. It is designed to address all needs of hygiene and cleaning in mind. With our long handled pooper scooper for dogs, you can assure a clean yard with little effort.




Product Description

Long Handled Pooper Scooper for dogs at the Bag scooper is designed to clean up the dog waste faster and easier. Its adjustable rake poles and scooper made it comfortable to use for taller people and kids. The whole purpose of designing this pooper scooper is to enable dog owners to clean their dog waste without feeling or smelling the yuk. Its snug bag fit reduces the fuss of removing the poop-filled bag.

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➢ Long handles eliminate the need for bending while cleaning the waste
➢ Works on both hard and grass surface
➢ Application of punch bags is easy
➢ Quick and easy cleaning of the yard
➢ Allows you to pick up waste by keeping your hands far away from the poop
➢ No more ugly spots on the grass in your lawn
➢ Enables you to give your kids a clean and fresh environment to play
➢ Reduce the dog poop contaminants


Length– Maximum 33 inches (Adjustable)
Handle– Palm alignment
Weight– 1.25 lbs

How to Use

➢ Wrap bag around scooper
➢ Poke bag excess through o-Cinch ring
➢ Use Rake pole to collect dog waste in Scooper
➢ Pull one handle of bag away from scooper
➢ Tie bag handles and dispose of

Our Mission Statement

We understand all the responsibilities a dog owner has for owning a dog in their home. For that reason, we offer our customers the best product to handle the worst of being a dog owner. Our goal with the long handled pooper scooper for dogs is to make our fellow dog parent’s life easier.


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