Avoid the inconvenience of using grocery plastic bags for dog poop collection. Buy disposable dog poop bags from the Bag Scooper to pick up the waste in a clean and easy manner. With an aim of delivering a cleaner system for a large dog pick ups, we enable our customers to purchase dog waste bags in bulk. Click now on the product you would like to buy!



Product Description

Pet waste disposal bags at Bag Scooper have twice the capacity of single-use waste bags. Its long handles make picking up poop convenient keeping hands far away from the poop. Our poop scooper has an o-cinch ring to provide a snug fit to these bags and easy release.

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➢ Custom printed bags with “No Gagging While Bagging®”
➢ Long handles keep hands away from waste
➢ Larger than single-use waste bags & smaller than common plastic bags.
➢ 50 Bags are sufficient for 4 months waste picking solution
➢ Suitable for holding 15-20 medium size dog poops (when used with our scooper)
➢ Convenient hanging due to holes on bag handles
➢ Quick cleaning means less polluted water in the storm drains
➢ No more complaining neighbors
➢ Regular pickups enable you to maintain a clean lawn


Size– Bigger than single-use dog waste bags, smaller than standard plastic bags
Capacity– If use dog poop scoop with the bag, it can hold 15-20 medium size dog poop
Bulk order Details– It will come folded inside one of the bags

How to Use

➢ Wrap the bag around scooper
➢ Pull the bag handles towards the back side of the scooper
➢ Pull excess bag through O-cinch ring until it is snug around scooper
➢ Pick the dog waste and your dog poop bag is ready for disposal
➢ After use, pull the handle from a scooper
➢ Tie in a knot and done

Mission Statement

Being the best dog waste disposal bags dealer, we strive to fulfill all the needs of dog owners. Whether you want to order 50 bags at a time or also want a scooper along with the bag, we make sure you receive exactly what you want.


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