Runyon Canyon Trail Cleanup

Two Full Large Pet Waste Bags and a Large Water Bottle Collected Today.

bag_scooper_runyon_canyon_trail_entranceBag Scooper was out on the Runyon Canyon trail this morning doing what we do…scooping up the mess left behind.

bag_scooper_runyon_canyon_trail_hollywood_skylineThe gate was still closed at 6:15 am so we detoured to the high trail to the right of the main trail. It was nice to see that the first leg of the trail was fairly clean. When we connected to the main trail at the water bowl, the Bag Scooper met the true test. Scooping was heavy.

bag_scooper_runyon_canyon_trail_thirsty_dogWe filled up two “No Gagging While Bagging” Bags and only made it around the bend just beyond the trailer (not very far at all).

bag_scooper_runyon_canyon_trail_two_full_bags_cleanupWe ran out of time and had to turn back but we will be back to make a bigger cleanup soon.

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