How to Properly Attach Plastic Bag to the Best Pooper Scooper

This is how your bag should look when attached accurately to the Bag Scooper.


Key points to note:

  1. Both bag handles are on each side of scooper bucket
  2. Bag is punched towards back of scooper bucket
  3. Bag excess is poked through O Cinch ring at top left of scooper for snug fit

Follow below steps to achieve above result:

1. Punch bag center inside of scooper bucket keeping handles on each side of scooper.


2. Wrap bag around scooper mouth (approximately 2 inches deep). Give the bag another punch to push bag inside of scooper bucket.


3. Poke bag excess through O Cinch ring and pull through O Cinch ring until snug around scooper bucket.


You are ready to scoop up your poop!

If you don’t own a Bag Scooper yet, it is time!