Marc Ching Saved my Dogs from being miserable everyday

Swollen eyes that could barely open. Raw hot spots from chronic itching. Vet to Vet looking for a cure with no luck. What more can we do?


Our Rottweiler “Cali” had horrible allergies for years causing her eyes to be constantly swollen and super sensitive in bright sun.

Our Collie mix “Beauty” had a reoccurring itch in her belly that she scratched until she got raw hot spots and loss of hair requiring a Vet visit every two months.


We were desperate as nothing we tried made a difference (multiple diet changes, so many vet visits plugging our dogs with drugs/medication that only offered short term improvements).

Then we met Marc Ching at located in Studio City, California. Marc is an Animal Nutritionist and Specialist…

“Many people who drive by think we are a pet store. We do sell pet products, but mostly we are an Animal Nutritional Center.” Marc states, “The majority of people whom come here are patients, who have found us through referral and the fact that they have been from vet to vet, and have been unable to find relief for their pet. Things like digestive issues, kidney failure, especially food allergies, no one can do it better.”

“For the owners whom listen and actually follow what we say, we have a 100% cure rate.”

At our FREE consultation with Marc Ching, he immediately diagnosed each of our dogs! WOW! That was a first!


  1. YEAST CONDITION = Our female Rottweiler
  2. BAD FUNGUS CONDITION = Our female Collie mix

Remedy (The best way to describe it is a form of cleansing): 

  • We switched from a Premium Kibble to a Dehydrated food named The Honest Kitchen (Marc gave us 3-4 food options and we chose Honest Kitchen)
  • Assigned certain supplements for each dog that was specific to their condition
  • He required us to bathe the dogs weekly to rid their skin of what the supplements were cleansing their body from

Marc was confident we would see results in 3 months. Finally, someone who gave us hope!

Well, it has been 2 months and Cali’s eyes are no longer swollen and crusty and the hair around her eyes is beginning to grow back.

Beauty required a modification to her “program” after 2 months but it has been 3 weeks since the “program” change with no scratching frenzy.

We are not out of the weeds yet but both of our dogs have an increase in energy levels and are so much more playful.


Thanks Marc for saving our dogs from their chronic ailments and giving us peace of mind that our dogs are on the road to healthiness!