Is Bigger Really Better to Be The Best Pooper Scooper?

Have a Big Yard or lots of poop? We got a call from a mother who purchased a Bag Scooper for her son’s pooper scooper business. When her Bag Scooper arrived, she felt the Bag Scooper was too small for the amount of house yards her son was going to clean up. We explained to her why our Bag Scooper size is more than enough.


We don’t believe bigger is better for pooper scoopers. Bigger only gets heavier making it challenging to carry around. Add poop to that bigger scooper, now you will really have a heavy thing to lug around. 15-20 medium sized poops is what we calculated the Bag Scooper capacity to be (give or take on the poop sizes).


Her son was visiting houses on a weekly basis with large yards or lots of poop so we recommended the following:

  1. Fill up one bag, tie in a knot and set it down on the yard.
  2. Continue the fill, tie, set down steps until the yard is dog waste free.
  3. Once the entire yard is scooped up, all he has to do is go around and pick up the tied off bags for an easy clean up and toss them in the trash bin.

His scooper is clean, thanks to the bags, and the trash bin will be clean since all the poop is already sealed up in our “No Gagging While Bagging®” handled bags.

No news is good news and we believe the Bag Scooper is scooping him well in his pooper scooper business.