Home Remedies for Itching Dogs

Wet Ones Hand Wipes and Wet Towel Wipe Down

bag_scooper_itchy_dog_remedies_wet_ones_and_towel_wipeHave you found that your dogs are itching like crazy this summer? Try wiping your dogs paws, under arms and lower belly using fragrance and alcohol free hand wipes (We use Wet Ones-hypoallergenic).

wet_ones_fragrance_and_alcohol_freeThis is a trick our Veterinarian at Animal Medical Center in Van Nuys, Ca. shared with us after we began taking our dogs in every few weeks with constant skin rashes.   We use this approach after dog-friendly hikes and dog park visits and it has nearly eliminated the problem.

If our dogs get really dirty, we wet a CLEAN terry cloth towel (shop towels bulk pack purchased at Home Depot) and wipe down our dogs from head to paw before they come into the house. It’s amazing how much dirt you can remove.

bag_scooper_home_depot_terry_towelEPSOM SALT OR OCEAN WATER – “If the dog is scratching, wash the affected area with EPSOM SALT mixed with warm water. Washing the affected area with OCEAN WATER works even better – I discovered this by accident with our wonderful old dog when his hot spot got accidentally soaked in sea water.

poodle_on_kayakSinatra was an old dog.  Old dogs tend to suffer from itchy dry skin more than younger dogs.  I had been giving him a bath with too much flea shampoo and he was itching like crazy.  He was on a flea medication but was still scratching.  I had resorted to putting an E-collar on him to keep him from chewing on himself.   Then one day I took him out in our kayak and his bottom, where he had been biting and itching, got soaked in sea water.  We went home and lo and behold he didn’t bite at himself.  After that, whenever he started to itch, I would take him down to the ocean and give him a sea water bath.  Epsom salt mixed with water also seemed to work, but not as well as ocean water.  OCEAN WATER – THE MIRACLE CURE FOR ITCHY DOGS!”

Note: Helpful EPSOM SALT tip credited to “the fastest poodle.com”