Four reasons why Ellen DeGeneres is awesome…Her shows are fun, informative, and very giving. A fourth reason for Ellen’s “special-ness”(real word?) is her love and support for animals. What do you think…they’re contemplating what to have for lunch?


We discovered Ellen Degeneres is Co-owner of Halo Purely for Pets Pet Food that gives a large portion of their proceeds back to helping feed animals. Bag Scooper gives back to help dogs too!


In appreciation and respect for what Ellen does for animals, and knowing Ellen Degeneres backs Halo Pet Food, that is good enough for our money! Bag Scooper proceeds this month of $100 went to supporting the Halo Pet Foundation.

To better understand why Ellen got involved with Halo Pet Food, please read Letter from Ellen DeGeneres.

Thanks for making a difference for animals Ellen and Halo!

And a pat on the back to the Bag Scooper community for making a difference in a dog’s life!