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helping the environment - one bag at a time
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Going greener makes sense – for you and for the environment.

Dog owners will pick up more frequently when someone makes this chore easier. Bag Scooper makes it easier and cleaner!

So…less dog poop laying around will reduce the dog poop contaminants that filter into our water system after a good rain. Do your part and use the Bag Scooper.

FACT: The Bag Scooper larger handled plastic bag holds (6-12 medium poops). A single-use waste bag only fits one pick up. Using the larger Bag Scooper bag (as intended) leads to less plastic going into our landfills.

Other Bag Scooper Benefits

  • Cleaner trash bins (thanks to the poop being scooped straight into a bag) leads to less polluted water in the storm drains. This is assuming you will wash out your trash bin periodically.
  • PRIDE! The more regular pick ups, the better your lawn will look making your guests and neighbors wonder how you do it.
  • It can help (no guarantee) keep “the peace” with your neighbors. HOW? If certain dog owners in your neighborhood are not so disciplined to pick up after their dogs on their walks, you will be more willing to pick up on your front lawn because Bag Scooper makes it so much easier and cleaner.
  • Keeping the peace definitely helps your environment!