Easy to Hang Handled Dog Waste Bags

Do you prefer another option to store your Bag Scooper Handled Dog Waste Bags other than the bag pack?

Your Bag Scooper Handled Dog Waste Bags have holes on the handles allowing you to easily hang them FOR EASY PULL AND GO.

Cut the end of your back pack, pull the stack out, and unfold keeping bag bundle in tact.

Where to best hang your handled bags?

  • Near where you store your scooper
  • Near where you store your dog collars and leashes. Our bags are GREAT to use on your dog walks

Here are directions on how to hang your bags:


Purchase two V-Shaped hooks, place them 7 inches apart. Hang Bags. All set!


Inches Ruler is Not to Scale

  1. Find the perfect wall space to hang your handled bags
  2. Mark two points measuring 7 inches apart
  3. We recommend using 2 nails without a flat head
  4. Angle nails at 45 degrees so bag holes do not slide off

NOTE: The more accessible your bags are, the more likely you are to use them