Thanks to PAWS FOR LIFE, a creative and very effective Dog Fostering program lead by Karma Rescue and supported by the Prison Captain.

paws-for-life-thank-you card-post

Karma Rescue hand selects dogs from local Animal Shelters that are socialized with people and dogs but just need training to make them adoptable.  Most home adoptions fail because the adopting families expect “the perfect dog”. The better trained a dog is the more enjoyable they are and more suitable for adoption.

These dogs are transported to the Lancaster State Prison and for 10 weeks, the dogs are paired up with an inmate who then works with their assigned dog on behavioral issues, discipline, and routine. Karma Rescue trainers check in with the dogs regularly and coach the inmates on each of the dogs specific needs.

The goal is to get the dogs well trained and well behaved to then be adopted into a loving home. The success rate is impressive! Bag Scooper participated in two of the check ins and we found so much value in this program – for the dogs and the humans. We are impressed with the program and are doing what we can to support by donating scoopers and bags along with $300 to help sustain and grow this program. This program is a perfect example of Unconditional love!


  • Do you have mixed feelings about inmates being allowed to take care of dogs? We did…at first.
  • Is this funded by the State? NO! The program is funded solely by donations through Karma Rescue.
  • Can any inmate take care of a dog? NO. There are strict criteria for an inmate to qualify.


Dogs need routine. Inmates are required to follow a routine and schedule. I have heard horror stories of how poorly some Foster programs operate. A dogs tail never lies…these PAWS FOR LIFE dogs are happy!

Thank you Karma Rescue for involving Bag Scooper with this promising program. Keep up the great work!