The Dog Cure for Fly-Snapping Syndrome – uncontrollable licking at the sky


Does your dog obsessively snap or bite at the blank air for no reason? There were times we would be relaxing in the family room and suddenly our 4 year old Rottweiler (Cali) would focus on the area right in front of her face and repeatedly snap at the air as if trying to catch a swarm of flies though nothing was there. At first, we thought it was cute and funny. It then turned into a daily obsession and it was time to do something about it.


By chance, we brought this up to an employee at a local specialty pet shop and she shared that her dog had the same behavior and it was an actual symptom called fly-catching syndrome. Other known names for this symptom are “fly-biting syndrome” and “fly-catchers syndrome”. She mixed her dog’s food with raw goat’s milk and after 6 months, her dogs symptoms disappeared.

With new found hope, we tried Answers Additional Raw Goat’s Milk Formula and after 2 months of daily use, Cali no longer chased the mystery flies! IT WORKED!! Our little girl was cured of fly-snapping syndrome thanks for raw goat’s milk!


After one year, our Rottweiler has not had an episode. We still give her raw goat’s milk but now mix it in her food every other day to save a little money,

Note: It may take a few months to see results once you start your dog on raw goat’s milk. Check the freezer section of your local pet store for raw goat’s milk.

We found plenty of explanations of what fly catching syndrome was but nothing on how to cure it. We hope you find this to be a solution for your tail wagging companion as we did.