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the pooper scooper without the mess
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See if any of our scooping problems are your scooping problems.

Is your scooper either too small requiring many trips to the trash or too heavy and bulky? It was for us!
  • This is why we made the Bag Scooper big enough to hold 8-12 medium size poops but small enough to carry around easily. Add a comfortable handle and a bag, you get a scooper that makes sense.
Did you try using a designated trash can lined with a bag to dump your poop in? So did we but it created so many other issues!
  • We dreaded opening the lid because it smelled disgusting and the furry mold growing was gross.
  • The liner always seem to come loose causing the poop to go everywhere except into the bag. The only way to realign the bag was to get our hands dirty. Instead, we ended up dumping the open bag into our trash can which defeated the purpose in the first place.
Tired of flies swarming around a dirty scooper or trash bin? So were we! 
  • Bag Scooper eliminates the flies! You scoop straight into a bag, tie it in a knot, and toss in your trash bin. The scooper stays clean, the trash bin stays clean, and no more flies.
Is your trash bin constantly lined with dried smelly dog poop? So was ours until Bag Scooper!
  • Using the Bag Scooper, the poop goes straight into the bag, is sealed tight by a knot, and does not dirty your trash bin. No more dumping the dog poop directly from the scooper into your trash bin.
Have to rinse your dirty scooper with a water hose? Do you splash poop on yourself when rinsing? We did no matter how hard we tried not to get dirty!
  • We had to leave the pooper scooper dirty or make sure we were not wearing nice clothes.
  • There is no rinsing needed when using the Bag Scooper because the poop never touches the scooper bucket.
Do you experience pain in your wrist and/or shoulders when using your pooper scooper? We did!
  • All the scoopers we tried had a straight pole as a handle. The only way to grip the straight pole was to bend at the wrist. If we wanted it shorter or taller, we had to grip it higher or lower on the pole making it awkward.
  • If you check your current scooper, the pole connects to the rear of the bucket. As the bucket fills with poop, it will get heavier. Since the pole connects to the rear of the bucket, when lifting, gravity will cause your wrist to pull back to support the added weight of the poop. This creates the strain on your wrist and arm.
  • The traditional scoopers were too small to really fit a worthwhile quantity of poop or way too big making it really heavy to carry around.
  • The traditional scoopers required us to lift it above waste height to dump the poop into the trash bin. This caused strain on our shoulders.
  • The Bag Scooper eliminates all of the above points thanks to the ergonomic handle, adjustable height, and the easily removable handled bag.
Do you pick up each individual dog poop in your yard with a bag? We never did but have friends who did!
  • No matter who you are, bending down multiple times in a day to pick up poop in your yard will become painful and tiresome.
  • Bag Scooper is adjustable and holds 8-12 medium size poops which is usually good for one trip for both front and backyard (depending on pick up frequency). It will be a huge relief for your back!
  • Using a single bag for each poop will eat up your bag supply very quickly.
  • How do you comfortably carry all of the poop bags to your trash bin? The Bag Scooper way is so much easier.