The Best Pooper Scooper Handle That Relieves Strain on your Arm and Wrist

The Bag Scooper is designed with an ergonomic handle to relieve stress on the shoulder and wrist while scooping up dog poop. The pooper scooper 90 degree handle allows you to grip the handle in a natural position making it comfortable to carry as the pooper scooper bucket fills. (See Photo Comparisons below)


Below is another type of pooper scooper handle that makes it awkward to carry comfortably.


BONUS!: The height of the Bag Scooper poles to the rake and scooper are adjustable so you can custom fit the Bag Scooper to YOUR height.

Reminders why the Bag Scooper is the Best Pooper Scooper you must own for your home:

  1. Ergonomic Handle = less strain on your shoulder and wrist
  2. Scoop straight into plastic bag = keeps everything clean and no need to touch the nasty poop
  3. Adjustable Pole Height = Can be custom fit to YOU!