Bag Scooper – The Best Pooper Scooper

The Best Pooper Scooper

The accumulation of dog poop can be a hazard to the health of those around it. In addition to being flat-out disgusting, it makes a yard useless due to all the pet waste land mines planted by our beloved dogs.  To make the cleanup a bit easier,  there are many pooper scoopers available.  Here are examples of “scooping made easy”…

The Best Pooper Scooper Bag Scooper

Who wants to get down to the level of the poop?  Feel the poop? Double scoop the poop? Or sneak up behind your dog and catch the poop?

NOT US!!!  That is why we developed Bag Scooper!  The clean, easy, durable and most practical pooper scooper on the market today.

Best Pooper Scooper

The Bag Scooper and bag makes pet cleanup easy and sanitary. Scooping directly into our custom bag keeps you away from the poop. So no more “Gagging While Bagging“.  

We have had an overwhelming response since the launch of the Bag Scooper.  Here are some real quotes from our customers.

“Tossed my old pooper scooper. Great design”

“The bag attaches easily which makes cleanups quick and easy. No mess.”

 “It is lightweight and easy to use.”

“The bag attaches easily to the scooper and comes off cleanly without risk of poo on my fingers.”

“The best pooper scooper, Hands down.”

Try it. We guarantee you have not used a pooper scooper that works as well as this.