Bag Scooper Popularity Grows – Now in 29 States and Growing!

Bag Scooper Popularity Grows – Join The Bag Scooping Revolution!!!

Bag Scooper originated in North Hollywood, California and was released to the dog owner community in June 2014. We are pleased to see that dog owners with yards in 28 other states outside of California are appreciating the benefits the Bag Scooper brings to cleaning up after their dogs. Read some of their reviews



The top Bag Scoopering states are Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas with California leading the pack! Thank you to everyone for your support. We have been able to donate Bag Scoopers to auctions helping dogs in need along with donating funds to help with medical needs of a beautiful German Shepherd named Amber. Click to read Story.

As more Bag Scoopers get into dog’s yards and into new states, the more we can help dogs in need.  Check back to find out how your Bag Scooper purchases help shelters, dog rescues and dogs in need. In the meantime, add your state to our map and enjoy the benefits of a “Clean Clean-Up” by picking up your own Bag Scooper today.