Bag Scooper Hikes to the Griffith Park Observatory with Westside German Shepherd Rescue (WGSR)

40 dogs plus Volunteers and Bag Scooper make our presence known in Griffith Park today with the red “Adopt Me” vests.

bag-scooper-hikes-with-german-shepherd-rescue-griffith-park-observatoryWant to enjoy a dogs company without the full-time responsibility? Westside German Shepherd Rescue (WGSR) gives you that opportunity.

bag-scooper-hikes-with-german-shepherd-rescue-three-girl-vounteers-with-german-shepherd-liberty-griffith-park-observatoryTake them for a walk around the Rescue Compound in Downtown L.A. or join them on their monthly dog outings like this hike up to the Griffith Park Observatory. It is gratifying in the dog AND human way.

bag-scooper-hikes-with-german-shepherd-rescue-to-the-top-of-the-griffith-park-observatoryIf you are wondering how we got up there (same area gets you to the Hollywood Sign), access is through Ferndell Park  in Los Feliz, California where Fern Dell Dr. and Los Feliz Blvd. meet. You can drive or hike. Trails Cafe serving up nourishment and beverages, running streams, plenty of parking and picnic tables around.