Bag Scooper Donates to help German Shepherd “Amber”

For every Bag Scooper and/or Bag Refill Pack sold, $1.00 goes towards helping a dog in need. That could go towards medical expenses, animal shelter support, and even dog training when necessary to make for a successful adoption. Thanks to our fans, we have donated on towards medical costs to help a dog in need named “Amber”.

bag-scooper-donates-to-help-german-shepherd-amber-mattersTHE STORY: Amber was found dumped in a canyon, with an old, unhealed injury to her left elbow. Now she has severe nerve damage and an infection. She was thrown away like she didn’t matter at all, as if she was just garbage…
She needs to have her leg amputated – there is nothing else that can be done for her.
To date we have only received $1,615. Her surgery alone will cost us $2,500, and then she will need after-care.


Lori Endara
donated $200.00
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Amber matters! We have experienced amputating a leg on our Rottweiler due to bone cancer and understand the love and care needed for Amber. We hope our donation is helpful. Much love, Jorge & Lori Endara, Bag Scooper

Bag Scooper discovered an impressive animal rescue organization, Westside German Shepherd Rescue (WGSR) and believe in their cause. They have offered numerous ways we and others can help dogs. Amber is very fortunate to have WGSR on her side!

As more Bag Scoopers and Bag Refill Packs sell, the more we will continue to help dogs like Amber.