Another Bag Scooper Donation to Westside German Shepherd Rescue

Bag Scooper’s May donation of $200 went towards supporting Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles (WGSR). As you will see from their “Tails of Joy” link, WGSR continues to place so many wonderful German Shepherds into loving homes.

YOUR Bag Scooper purchases is what enabled us to support this GREAT Dog cause. Bag Scooper and Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles thank you!

NOW BACK TO WORK! The below Wanted Poster is an example of WGSR efforts to get the word out about their Available Dogs. They are requesting to have everyone post it where most will see – Dog Parks, Coffee Shops, etc.

The more we put the word out, the more lives we save … YOU save!

As Bag Scooper gets more involved with Dog Rescue and Animal Shelter organizations,  it is becoming clear that to be a successful Dog Rescue or Animal Shelter, putting aside the emotional “dog factor”, the leaders must love what they do and operate the Dog Rescue as a business – be organized, have structure, and search out quality people that make it all possible.

WGSR continues to show these great business and human qualities which is why they have such a huge following and so many success stories. What is super impressive is that their working capital is ALL FROM DONATIONS!

Bag Scooper will continue to search for Dog Rescue and Animal Shelter organizations in need of support. As long as they are doing right for the dogs, Bag Scooper will do right for the dogs and lend support.