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We love our dogs!
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The Path to Perfection

Owning dogs all our lives, we enjoy the fun they bring and have grown accustomed to the responsibilities that may not be so fun.

Picking up dog poop is one task that no one wants to do, but, as a dog owner, it is part of the deal.

For years, we tried available products and/or methods to make it easy to keep our yards clean. The traditional pooper scoopers work but they are not addressing today’s needs to be clean and efficient.

When we adopted our 2nd dog, Beauty, we went from picking up the poop of one large dog to two large dogs.  There was nothing in the market place that offered a clean and efficient way to pick up and dispose of the dog poop.  We tried them all!

Out of frustration, my wife asked me to make her a better pooper scooper.  She gave me a laundry list of the things she wanted addressed. Several months and prototypes later, Bag Scooper was designed.  We are proud to offer other dog parents, like ourselves, a better pet tool that makes a daily chore less of a chore.

Our Team



Professionally, my background is in Operations Management specializing in Culture Management and Process Implementation. Personally, I am a project finder. I am content keeping busy tinkering and fixing.

My wife challenged me to create a better pooper scooper. After lots of tinkering and many prototypes later, the Bag Scooper was introduced to the pet world. I am proud to say, many other dog parents appreciate our design and are keeping us busy as we continue to grow.



Professionally, my background is in Solution Sales, efficiently mapping client business requirements into innovative technology driven solutions.

Personally, give me a good read or a scenic hike with my dogs and life is good!


R&D Representative

I am an intimidating Rottweiler with a big bark but if I let you get to know me, I am a gentle giant.  I will not chase a tennis ball like my sister. I find more fulfilling tasks to do like picking up plastic bottles on my walks. I am not sure why but it is what I do.  I thrive in cool to cold weather. On those hot days…don’t bother me. I sleep!


R&D Representative

I am a Sheppard/Collie mix with high energy.  I will chase a tennis ball for days or at least until my tongue hits the ground.  In my downtime, I am a cuddle bug.

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