10 Dogs Selected for Adoption by Karma Rescue at South Central Animal Shelter

Bag Scooper was invited to assist with behavior testing conducted by Karma Rescue Leader (Alex) and Veteran Volunteer (Dean) at South Central Animal Shelter today. The goal – pick 8 dogs for adoption.


Pairing up different dog personalities while following strict supervising guidelines, Karma Rescue was able to draw the best out of the dogs and selected 10 lucky pups. These 10 dogs will now be part of the different adoption programs lead by Karma Rescue – Paws for Life, adoption days at Petco Westwood, and NKLA.


Alex selects the approved dogs, places a numbered collar identifying the lucky dog, and posts the dogs photos with the dog specs (breed, age, etc.) on their website so her team can begin announcing the newly adoptable canines to their large network of adopters.


All of the volunteers had input selecting a name for each cute personality. Thank you Alex and Dean for including Bag Scooper in this special and successful effort today! Kudos to Molly and Jake for volunteering their time today! We learned a ton and look forward to being involved more and more.

Other Cuties Getting Adopted Today…